Thursday, May 10, 2012


So you know the feeling when everything hits you at once? That's been me everyday for the last week or so.
Let's talk money first! I hate money or lack there of right now. Bills are a rolling in now. My savings account is gone! That is so stressful when you don't have a back-up if something else where to happen. we are back in credit card debt not that much but still enough to drive me crazy! I lay in bed staring at the ceiling thinking of ways to pay bills of faster. Some lady did tell me about financial assistance, so we applied and already I'm seeing light at the end of this debt tunnel we are in. I know we could be in worse shape. So I'm trying really hard not to complain because Halle is so worth all of it. We are so incredibly lucky to have her in our family. So let the bills come in I guess we will become debt free again one day. Hopefully sooner than later.

Mason is about to graduate preschool! When did my little boy get so big? I am seriously not ready for school. He is so sensitive. ( I do baby my boy) I just don't want anyone to be mean to him. I'm scared! I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. I'm not ready for him to grow up, I know they all do. I'm excited for him to learn new things and get new friends. I just don't want the day to come where he won't lay by me and cuddle. I get annoyed that I can never keep my house clean, but I love it at the same time. I love playing dress up with him, and pretending we are in a snowball fight getting in our igloos . I just love his imagination! I don't want that to go away anytime soon. He is my sweet little boy with occasional attitude

My sweet Adalyn I think has bio polar. She can be the sweetest thing ever, example. We were on the cruise and Brandon ordered room service and the guy came Adalyn told him wait You need money. and the guy laughed and Brandon signed his paper. She dug in her purse and found her dollar and the guy was already walking out she ran and gave that dollar to him with the biggest smile on her face. (I love these moments) on the other hand she has the worst tantrums ever!!! If she doesn't get what she wants we all better watch our backs. She back talks like nobodies business. Let's just say if a complete stranger talked to me the way she does I would punch them. She doesn't get away with it either I mean she goes to time out. It's just not working so any suggestions? I do love her imagination as well we play barbies and dolls while Mason is at school so it's just us girls, and I love it! So many memories of when I used to do the same. She tries to comfort Halle when she's crying. Most of the time she gives up and finally yells just stop crying! Ha she needs to learn patience a I put her in preschool next year and I hope she is good for her teacher cause oh boy can she be stubborn. I think she will absolutely love it. She is very independent.

My sweet baby Halle, she is usually happy as long as she is being held. She doesn't sleep very well. She does laugh a lot in her sleep, wakes her up everytime. Ha I do like to think she dreams very happy dreams! Maybe her life is just going to be so much fun? I sure hope so she deserves it! She still amazes me at everything we've been through with her that she is laying in my arms right now! I still remember laying in bed after they told me she wasn't going to live, crying no bawling at night in the middle of the day. It's so weird that I grieved this sweet girl that's here with me! Somedays actually most days I think I'm in a dream. After being told repeatedly that your baby isn't going to make it, its hard to comprehend that everything is perfect now. Well as perfect as it can get! I have my miracle.

I thank Heavenly Father everyday for giving me the opportunity to raise these sweet children. I'm so incredibly lucky. That's what I have to remember how lucky I am. I get to play and make memories with my 3 incredibly smart, funny, stubborn, occasionally mean, beautiful kids. It's amazing being a mother, and I pray daily that everyone gets to experience this feeling. I pray that my sweet Halle will be able to adopt her miracles one day and get to experience this. I'm amazed at what we woman go through to have a little piece of heaven with us.