Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My baby is walking

Halle has the baby walk going on. She has been trying to get it down for awhile now. I think she finally has it figured out! She takes about 5-15 steps, and has been trying to stand up after she falls down. I have shed a few tears of happiness and a little sadness. I don't know how other people handling their baby growing up. With Mason and Adalyn I knew I would have more so I was so excited for them. This time she is my forever baby, and she's walking. She is not my teeny tiny baby anymore. Which is good and I love her little personality more than ever lately. She is still a mommas girl, which I don't think will ever get old!

This is such an amazing accomplishment not only for a preemie, but for having turners syndrome. With turners syndrome they usually walk around 2, and miss Halle is 18 months. She is doing amazing, I can't wait to show her physical therapist how well she's doing. 

We were picking Mason up from his last day of kindergarten, and Halle wanted down like she usually does. She just took off walking, she was doing awesome! It was the first time she has even wanted to let go of my hands other than the house. We got our first of many to come, comments. Oh my gosh, she is too little to be walking! She is 15 pounds and 26 inches, she is on a roll with getting taller. Today she was wearing a 0-3 month outfit, until she made a huge mess with lunch. She hasn't even come close to mastering the using of utensils.  I told Halle that it was now time to join the circus. Lol  I just think she likes all of the attention she gets, I'm worried I have another Adalyn on my hands. Sisters are going to fight for attention, luckily Mason is a good sport and gives them both the attention that they need. He is an amazing big brother! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling so blessed

Some days it's so hard to see past the day. Going to doctors, therapist, then having them send you to more doctors. It's so exhausting mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Trying to keep bills from pilling up and trying to organize everything can be so trying some days. I 
 hate that doctors visits have to take so much of our time. Cleaning, cooking, then cleaning again, homework, the list is endless. 

Then things like yesterday happen. The Oklahoma  tornado. I'm so blessed to have my husband and kids on earth with me. It's moments you here about people losing their kids so young. That pulls at your heart. It makes me give my kids and extra hug and kiss at night, more I love you's. I have a hard time sometimes remembering how happy we truly are and how many blessing we have. It's usually not too far off my mind, and I'm reminded.  My kids are daily reminders how blessed I am, every baby is a miracle. I just have just have special miracles, each one is even more so. 


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obamacare has already started!

We have, wait, had good insurance. Until recently my husbands work really has no choice but to go to a cheaper plan, as they can't afford to pay everyone's insurance. Thanks to Obamacare. 

 For my family this is the worst thing. We see so many doctors, specialty doctors that are now going to be VERY expensive to see. We average about $200 a month just seeing doctors and therapists. We have her monthly bills on top of that number. We are going to at least double that number a month!! I've only read bits and prices of this bill, and what I've read is crap! Do you realize the government is going to control that ALL doctors get paid the same. We are going to have less specialty doctors. I mean why would someone pay more to get let's say a cardiologist degree when they will be payed the same as a family doctor? If your on Obamacare, they have the right to not pay for expensive life saving medical treatment. That will have to come from your own pocket!! For example if I was on Obamacare when I had Halle they would NOT of even tried to save her without me saying I would come up with the money! That's ludicrous the government has the right to decided who lives and who dies?? My family is going to suffer tremendously from this bill. I'm scared for the future, if Halle does end up needing a heart transplant which this new insurance WON'T cover we will be financially ruined, she's totally worth it and I would do it without thinking. 

 The other thing that bothers me is the government that is going to be able to control our health? Yeah them they are EXEMPT from this bill!  If its so good and going to change America for the better then why wouldn't they jump on this train? We are getting poorer as the months keep rolling in, are taxes went up, not blaming Obama for that one that would of happened regardless. But this new insurance with how much I'm going to have to spend a month just to keep my children healthy. Is going to be an adjustment. That's my rant for the day! These are my feelings and thoughts and how I perceived the bill from like I said reading parts.

Friday, December 7, 2012

One year old!

My baby is One! I think with every child the years just go by faster and faster. Halle is doing quite well. She weighs 11 lbs 4 ounces and is 23 inches. She crawls every where, and has started pulling up on things. She has 2 teeth, she wears size 0-3 months. She is eating much better, so hopefully we can start gaining more weight.

We had a fun itty bitty party for Halle. She absolutely lived her cake. She did get a little over whelmed by all the people there. She clung onto me. I mean she is always a huge mommas girl, but she would just burry her head into my chest. So she doesn't like crowds of people.

We are so happy she is doing so well, the doctors told us that she should of already had another heart surgery by now. Her heart is looking fabulous! Such a relief. We have a lot of doctor appointments coming the next few months with her. Head ultrasound, she had a brain bleed. Endocrinologist, since she doesn't make hormones we have to determine if she should start growth hormones yet. We have to check her eyes again, bummer! We are starting her Synagis shot (shot for RSV) so we are busy the next little bit. Oh and we are seeing if she qualifies for physical therapy here in Vegas. She still isn't sitting. The doctor says she's about a 3 month old for size and is acting more like a 9 month old.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Halle 11 months!

I can't believe in just 2 weeks my tiny baby will be ONE!!

Miss Halle now weighs 10 lbs 4 ounces, and is 23 inches. She crawls anywhere she wants to go. She gives high fives, claps, gives kisses. She is a happy baby now. Still doesn't sleep through the night, up at least 2 times. She is eating better, so hopefully we can gain 2 lbs this month.

I'm so happy she's doing as well as she is doing. But I don't want my baby to grow up!! It's going by way to fast. Halle is a huge mommies girl, like doesn't like going to anyone! So I'm taking full advantage of it, since I know it won't last forever.

I'm in birthday planning mode! I couldn't decided if I want a huge celebration, since so many people prayed on her behalf. I have no doubt every prayer was heard, I don't know how I got so lucky to be her mother.

Halloween was fun I made their incredibles costumes. Since they are my incredible children! We all had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halle 10 months!

Well this girl is now 9 pounds 3 ounces, and 22 inches. Wow, we are really getting up there! Haha, I keep telling my sister she's going to deliver a baby the size of Halle.

Halle has learned how to army crawl! Sort of sit up. She still loves crackers, and likes yogurt. So at least we have found something that works for her.

We checked her heart, and it is actually growing with her!! I was so excited. No surgeries yet. We graduated to seeing the cardiologist to once a year. Her blockage is now 13% just 6 months ago it was 25%. At birth it was a complete blockage! With surgery it should be 0% but they don't really worry about it if its under 20%. So cross your fingers she can defy medical odds again.

On another note, I have read some stories (which I shouldn't do!) on the Internet. That sometimes with all of the heart problems Halle has, which include coarctation of the aorta, bicuspid valve, and aortic stenosis, and finally a small hole in the left chamber. Which all of them can cause different things. We need her to get bigger, because if any of these problems get bad she will need open heart surgery to fix them, but if she is bigger most of the time they can balloon the closer. The bicuspid valve can get infections in them, and she can be fine then she will be very sick. Most likely fighting for her life again. As a mom I can't do that again. And I live in fear everyday. I just can't imagine her not here with us.

Now back to the story I read, there was a little girl, who had aortic stenosis . She actually had it bad enough were she needed a heart transplant when she was an infant. Well she's 4 now. She was on a trip with her family, on a make a wish foundation. She got sick and one thing lead to another, and her poor little body couldn't take anymore. My heart completely goes out to this family, they have already been through so much. I can't help to feel some sort of fear that Halle might have to go through something like this. I pray that she will be able to stay here with us. Being a mom is so hard, and so scary! But it is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halle 9 months.

I totally forgot to post Halle's 9 month. She is 8 pounds 2 ounces. Still in newborn clothes! This girl is having the hardest time growing. We finally have her eat some things. She loves crackers. Still will not take baby food, gags every time! So frustrating. When all I want is for her to gain weight.

She is still a huge mommas girl, well basically she cries if someone else is holding her. Yes occasionally I want/need a break, but It usually only last for a second. I can't stand to hear her cry. She still does not sleep through the night. She has been getting better about nap time. Well that's about all she has done this month.