Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling so blessed

Some days it's so hard to see past the day. Going to doctors, therapist, then having them send you to more doctors. It's so exhausting mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Trying to keep bills from pilling up and trying to organize everything can be so trying some days. I 
 hate that doctors visits have to take so much of our time. Cleaning, cooking, then cleaning again, homework, the list is endless. 

Then things like yesterday happen. The Oklahoma  tornado. I'm so blessed to have my husband and kids on earth with me. It's moments you here about people losing their kids so young. That pulls at your heart. It makes me give my kids and extra hug and kiss at night, more I love you's. I have a hard time sometimes remembering how happy we truly are and how many blessing we have. It's usually not too far off my mind, and I'm reminded.  My kids are daily reminders how blessed I am, every baby is a miracle. I just have just have special miracles, each one is even more so. 


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