Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My baby is walking

Halle has the baby walk going on. She has been trying to get it down for awhile now. I think she finally has it figured out! She takes about 5-15 steps, and has been trying to stand up after she falls down. I have shed a few tears of happiness and a little sadness. I don't know how other people handling their baby growing up. With Mason and Adalyn I knew I would have more so I was so excited for them. This time she is my forever baby, and she's walking. She is not my teeny tiny baby anymore. Which is good and I love her little personality more than ever lately. She is still a mommas girl, which I don't think will ever get old!

This is such an amazing accomplishment not only for a preemie, but for having turners syndrome. With turners syndrome they usually walk around 2, and miss Halle is 18 months. She is doing amazing, I can't wait to show her physical therapist how well she's doing. 

We were picking Mason up from his last day of kindergarten, and Halle wanted down like she usually does. She just took off walking, she was doing awesome! It was the first time she has even wanted to let go of my hands other than the house. We got our first of many to come, comments. Oh my gosh, she is too little to be walking! She is 15 pounds and 26 inches, she is on a roll with getting taller. Today she was wearing a 0-3 month outfit, until she made a huge mess with lunch. She hasn't even come close to mastering the using of utensils.  I told Halle that it was now time to join the circus. Lol  I just think she likes all of the attention she gets, I'm worried I have another Adalyn on my hands. Sisters are going to fight for attention, luckily Mason is a good sport and gives them both the attention that they need. He is an amazing big brother! 

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