Saturday, May 11, 2013

Obamacare has already started!

We have, wait, had good insurance. Until recently my husbands work really has no choice but to go to a cheaper plan, as they can't afford to pay everyone's insurance. Thanks to Obamacare. 

 For my family this is the worst thing. We see so many doctors, specialty doctors that are now going to be VERY expensive to see. We average about $200 a month just seeing doctors and therapists. We have her monthly bills on top of that number. We are going to at least double that number a month!! I've only read bits and prices of this bill, and what I've read is crap! Do you realize the government is going to control that ALL doctors get paid the same. We are going to have less specialty doctors. I mean why would someone pay more to get let's say a cardiologist degree when they will be payed the same as a family doctor? If your on Obamacare, they have the right to not pay for expensive life saving medical treatment. That will have to come from your own pocket!! For example if I was on Obamacare when I had Halle they would NOT of even tried to save her without me saying I would come up with the money! That's ludicrous the government has the right to decided who lives and who dies?? My family is going to suffer tremendously from this bill. I'm scared for the future, if Halle does end up needing a heart transplant which this new insurance WON'T cover we will be financially ruined, she's totally worth it and I would do it without thinking. 

 The other thing that bothers me is the government that is going to be able to control our health? Yeah them they are EXEMPT from this bill!  If its so good and going to change America for the better then why wouldn't they jump on this train? We are getting poorer as the months keep rolling in, are taxes went up, not blaming Obama for that one that would of happened regardless. But this new insurance with how much I'm going to have to spend a month just to keep my children healthy. Is going to be an adjustment. That's my rant for the day! These are my feelings and thoughts and how I perceived the bill from like I said reading parts.

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