Tuesday, September 18, 2012

D-day aka Friday.

So it was the day we had to go in for are ultrasound. It was a long week, as I tried to prepare myself what I was about to go through. A lady donated one of her beautiful blankets to me. Well actually 2 blankets, one for myself and one to lay with my sweet daughter. I had talked to everyone I needed to talk to, for the delivery if that were to happen.

My palms were sweating waiting in the waiting room. When Bobbie walked out and looked at me and asked are you ready? I replied not really, she replied neither am I. We walked back to the ultrasound room. I took a deep breath in and she layed the Doppler on my belly. There was FLUID!! Not much but it had started to accumulate. I had 3 ounces!!! It is supposed to be in between 8-25 I do believe. My heart started to race. She took a few pictures, Halle's heart was still not functioning like it should. But there was fluid. When the doctor came in he said lets do another ultrasound on Monday and see what it does by then.

On Monday we went back in and there was 6 ounces!! My doctor could hardly believe what was happening, the next few day and weeks we went in 2 times a week. Every time we went in she had started to improve! Her heart started looking better, her swelling went down everywhere but her legs, feet, and hands. Her cystic hygroma was GONE!! We still needed to see the cardiologist, but I wanted to wait till I knew she could live outside of the womb. So we scheduled it when I was 24 weeks.

My miracle was happening. All I wanted was to be able to be her mother for as much time as Heavenly Father allowed me to be. I just want to be able to hold her, feed her, give her a bath. I wanted those intimate moments with her.

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