Friday, September 7, 2012


Last year I had an amnio done, to make sure that my little baby didn't have the deadly chromosome disorder. I was so nervous because 1-400 complications can occur. I have horrible luck with odds, medically speaking.

So we went in and I asked several times what my odds were and they kept saying you'll be fine. So I laid on the table and they got me prepped. I was very nervous! They inserted the needle and it was a pinch, as soon as they poked through my uterus and then Halle went crazy. The doctor just had to wait to get the sample until she settled down. As we waited the needle was in my uterus, and boy was I cramping. I remember the doctor saying if the needle gets her she will be fine. So I think they might of gotten a little nervous.

Finally she after what seemed like 20+ minutes, was really like 2 but when your contracting it makes everything worse. They got the sample, but my fluid had blood in it so they weren't sure if my results would come back as fast as they should. The doctor explained to us the severity of how bad she looked and encouraged us to abort. We has heard this every other day for the last month. So we just dismissed his concerns.

Now we had to wait for the results! That's the hard part. I was still going in to have ultrasounds to make sure my baby girls heartbeat was still there. That was so hard just waiting for her heart to stop. I had even gone as far as to start planning her funeral.

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